May 29, 2013

Our New Brand

Our talented brother Nick designed a new logo for the farm.  Our goal was to develop a consistent brand that is easily recognized and can be used on all of our signage and our few products that are packaged.  Nick's aim was to create a rustic, earthy feel with bold letters and to tie in our view of Cascade Mountains which are a backdrop in our fields. 

Here is part of our mountain view. Pretty sure he nailed it!

Our next step was to create and print new signs for the farmer's market. When they arrived from Nick, we borrowed a friend's serger and finished the edges, punched some new gromets, and got a pretty cute model to hold it up. Do you think he'll stand there the duration of a market?

When celebrating new things, we can't forget to look back and see where we've come from.  The logo below, designed by a great friend, Theresa Anderson, will always hold a special "first logo" spot in our hearts.  This was created from the beginning when our first great crop was broccoli.  And more broccoli. Before we had a real outlet for lots of broccoli.  It was a good thing that many people (Theresa included) loved it. Hence, the Caruso Farm Broccoli Fork was born. And it served us well for quite a few years.

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  1. When the t shirt comes out I will buy one and wear it all over Central PA.